Welcome to XES Creations - SEO is our practice and challenging habit - Hire us or a lost opportunity.

Webpage Design

XES Creations is a team of highly trained Internet technology professionals. We are focused on developing creative and specialized website design solutions that exceed all expectations. This is our purpose and we have encoded it in our name XES Creations (eXceeding ExpectationsSpecialized Creations). We make it easy for you to get your business or organization onto the Internet in a hurry. We design websites for all kinds of businesses, non-profit organizations, and for personal use. If you can dream it, we can bring it into reality for you. We can build static, dynamic, and e-commerce business websites for large and small, local and international businesses.

Website Hosting

We offer two ways of getting your website onto the Internet. Either way, the whole process is simple as can be. First, you can let us host your website on our servers. Our hosting service is competitively priced, and we give you the highest level of personal service and satisfaction guaranteed. We can also transfer existing websites to our servers free of charge. The second way to get your website onto the Internet is for you to select your own preferred hosting service. If you choose this approach, we will help you set up an account at the hosting service you select, and we will get your website uploaded in no time. So, you choose and we make it happen for you.

Domain Name Registration

We help you choose a domain name for your website, and we offer free domain name registration for the first year when you host your website through us. It’s not essential to be a keyword name, but should be brand-able, unique, short, memorable and trustworthy. The 3 formulas to pick a main name are: Use existing word, i.e. Amazon, Create a new word, i.e. Google, Frugarkit, and Combine two words, i.e. Group on. The 7 factors to help choosing a domain name are: pick a .com, be memorable, be relevant, easy to spell, sound authoritative, shorter is better, and be unique